Going through the latest popular vines on my bed, I found something really funny that I wanted to share with my friends. I didn't want to tweet it because only a few of my closest friends would get the inside joke, and I didn't want to text the vine link to them because group messaging can get really annoying. That's when the idea for Look was born. Look lets you share links & images of cool things with your friends. It's a social networking platform with a friending system and in-app messaging. Look is by far one of my greatest programming feats and definitely helped me become a better programmer.
This was probably my 'breakthrough' app, in terms of success. Frugal is a simple barcode-scan-to-cheaper-prices app. Its main view is split into two sections: camera and cheaper prices list. You just focus the camera on a barcode and the app converts the barcode image to a UPC code, this code is then search in an online UPC database for a product name, and this name is searched on Amazon for cheaper prices. Frugal was featured in Apple's 'Best New Finance Apps' and even got 43rd place in the App Store's 'Top Paid Finance Apps.'
Doge Tracker
When dogecoin erupted in 2013, I felt like I had to be part of the commotion. Thousands of people used dogecoin to tip people on reddit, and some even used it to make profits. Although dogecoin was somewhat of a joke, a lot of people used it and there just had to be an iPhone app for it. That's when I made Doge Tracker. Doge Tracker lets you monitor your dogecoin wallet and track the current exchange price; it also has a built in calculator and dogecoin subreddit page. Hundreds of reddit users loved my app and sent me emails thanking me for making it, which was pretty awesome.
Clear Quran
After spending 13 years trying to read and understand the Quran in Arabic, I gave up and resorted to reading English translations of it, which was a great decision to say the least. After going through several translations, I found that Clear Quran was the best. As its name implies, Clear Quran was very clear and easy to understand, and I wanted more English Muslims to have access to it. I made the Clear Quran App, and soon after, received hundreds of emails thanking me for my work. Talal Itani, the founder of Clear Quran, even said "it's awesome."
My dad is an infertility doctor, and as his son I know how much thousands of women have to struggle to get pregnant when faced with seemingly unbreakable barriers. I made myInfertility to help women struggling with infertility. The app has two main sections. One section beautifully and clearly lists and explains every option a women dealing with infertility has (my dad helped me tremendously with this section, thanks Pops) and the second section features a private online community.